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Hundreds of millions cubic meters of timber per year! That’s the amount of wood residues, a by product of timber harvesting. Our company has sought a revolutionary solution - producing charcoal briquettes. We created and patented a unique process line that works over any wood waste, from sawdust to logging waste. This unique patented technology makes it possible to produce increased outcome of charcoal briquettes along with high quality and environmental friendliness. Due to the patented production technology, our charcoal is unique.

The product is fit for usage in BBQ cooking, alcohol making, curing, adsorption, metal industry.

The wood used in production is processed in compliance with FSC standards which contributes to the better preservation of forests for future generations.


Burning up to 5 hours

Depending on the length of pieces and draft, burning lasts from 3 to 5 hours.

Juicy steak in 7 min

Infrared waves heat up food evenly from the inside. It takes little time to cook (i.e., a meat steak in 7-8 minutes), food is juicy and thoroughly roasted without being burnt.

No soot or ash

Charcoal briquettes are 100% compressed wood chips without any extra binding materials. No off-odor. Burning without flame and soot.

3 times more cost-effective

Charcoal briquettes discharge is 3 times less in comparison with other types of coal, which has a significant impact on budget saving.

Reusable multiple times

It means that charcoal briquettes may be reignited as it preserves its features and properties.


1,5 kg
79 RUB

3 kg
149 RUB

3 kg
180 RUB

10 kg
450 RUB

20 kg
750 RUB


Certificates and patents




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